About Us

NUi is a Nicaraguan based, award-winning, woodworking firm that offers world-class design and manufacturing services to a discerning client base. Established in 2004, this value-added enterprise, evolved as a natural progression to a 40,000 trees, reforestation initiative which now surrounds the facility and is at the heart of our wood-for-life philosophy. 

Over the years, NUi has collaborated with prominent architects, industrial and interior designers for joint projects, ranging from; custom furniture lines, conceptual prototyping, avant-garde designs, bespoke millwork and cabinetry among others. 

NUi offers compelling value propositions through: a superb R&D team, comprised of engineers, architects, designers and expert craftsmen, short lead-times to North American markets and since 2008, enjoys tax-free import privileges through its free-trade zone status.